67 Molesworth St, Lismore NSW,
02 6622 6100
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We’re open… always!

Our Lismore Cafe is located in a historic 1930’s bank building brimming with character in the heart of Lismore. We literally wash your dishes inside the old strong room!

We are reliably open everyday from 7.30am serving all day breakfast, lunch from 11.30am, freshly baked cakes and muffins, daily specials and loads of vegetarian and gluten-free options.

We also pride ourselves on using fresh, free-range, organic and local produce whenever possible to proudly showcase the amazing offerings of the beautiful Northern Rivers region.


Cooking daily from 7:30am till 3pm, including all public holidays except christmas and boxing day.

What would you like to eat?


All-day breakfast from 7:30am till 3pm

  • Big Bank

    Free-range poached eggs, bacon, sausage, marinated mushrooms, grilled tomato, potato rosti and organic sourdough toast.


  • Vegie Bowl

    (V)(GF) Sautéed kale and broccolini, grilled pumpkin, cherry tomatoes, marinated feta, lemon oil, free-range poached eggs and toasted seed mix


  • Truffle infused 3 egg omelette

    (V) With baby spinach, mushroom duxelle, pecorino, micro salad and organic sourdough toast


  • Corn & Chive Fritters

    (V) With free-range poached eggs, grilled haloumi, kasundi, salsa of charred corn, cucumber, red onion, tomato & mixed herbs


  • Eggs Benedict

    Free-range poached eggs, double smoked leg ham, wilted baby spinach, sourdough toast and lashings of house-made hollandaise sauce (bacon, salmon or mushrooms instead? Just ask:)


  • Avocado & Feta

    (V) Smashed avocado & Danish feta served on sourdough toast, lemon oil, balsamic glaze, toasted seed mix. Add 2 poached eggs +$3, add bacon or smoked salmon +$4


  • Bank Café Granola

    (V)(GF) House-made with local macadamias, served with poached pear, seasonal fruit, yogurt and your choice of milk (refined sugar free)


  • House-made waffles

    — Canadian – double bacon, seasonal fruit, maple syrup, macadamia &
    bacon praline and vanilla ice-cream
    — Sweet (V) – poached pear, seasonal fruit, toasted macadamias, warm
    dark chocolate sauce and vanilla ice-cream


  • Breakfast Burger

    2 free-range fried eggs, bacon, cheese, baby spinach, house tomato relish & aioli


  • B.L.A.T.

    Double bacon, lettuce, avocado, tomato, relish and aioli sandwich on an organic Turkish roll


  • Banana bread

    House-made, buttered & grilled with seasonal fruit


  • Toast

    2 toasted slices of organic sourdough or Turkish, with jam, marmalade, peanut butter or vegemite $6


  • Organic Fig & Hazelnut Fruit Toast

    (1 thick cut slice).


  • Eggs on toast

    Free Range of course. Poached, fried or scrambled on organic sourdough toast

    –Bacon, smoked salmon, double smoked leg ham, sausages, haloumi $4 each
    –2 potato rostis, grilled tomato, marinated mushrooms, avocado, marinated danish feta, wilted spinach, 2 free-range poached or fried eggs $3 each
    –Pesto, relish, kasundi, hollandaise, extra slice toast, extra egg $2


Lunch from 11.30am till 3pm

  • Tasmanian Salmon

    (GF) Grilled Tasmanian salmon fillet served with crispy chat potatoes and a salad of green beans, cherry tomatoes, kalamata olives & mixed herbs with lime aioli


  • Rib-Eye Steak Sandwich

    200g Rib-eye steak, bacon, caramelised onion, cheese, lettuce, tomato, beetroot, spiced tomato relish and aioli on an organic Turkish roll. Served with beer battered chips


  • Morrocan Lamb Salad

    (GF) Grilled marinated lamb tossed with mixed leaves, chickpeas, cucumber, red onion, feta, mixed herbs, pomegranate molasses and crispy sweet potato ribbons


  • Salt & Pepper Calamari

    (GF) with Vietnamese-style slaw of green papaya, cucumber, bean sprouts, cabbage, carrot, fresh herbs, dried shallots, toasted peanuts, nam jim and lime aioli


  • Falafel bowl

    (V) House-made chickpea & green pea falafel, mixed salad, hummus, mint yogurt and sriracha (HOT!please specify if not required) served on warmed flat bread, add free-range chicken +$5


  • Grilled Eggplant & Haloumi Salad

    (V)(GF) with mixed leaves, chickpeas, cucumber, red onion, mixed herbs, pomegranate molasses and crispy sweet potato ribbons


  • 5 Spiced Tofu

    (V) with Vietnamese-style slaw of green papaya, cucumber, bean sprouts, cabbage, carrot, fresh herbs, dried shallots, toasted peanuts, sweet soy, black sesame and lime aoli


  • Burgers & Sandwiches

  • Bank Burger

    House made local pure beef patty, cheese, caramelised onion, pickles, tomato, lettuce, aioli and relish


  • Chicken Burger

    (V) Moroccan spiced free-range chicken breast, tomato, lettuce, grilled eggplant, hummus, feta and mint yogurt


  • Vegetarian Gourmet Sandwich

    (V) Roasted pumpkin, grilled haloumi, grilled eggplant, beetroot, salad, hummus, pesto, on an organic Turkish roll


  • B.L.A.T.

    Double bacon, lettuce, avocado, tomato, relish and aioli sandwich on an organic Turkish roll


  • Double Smoked Ham, Cheese & Tomato Toastie

    American style cheddar, parmesan, double smoked leg ham, fresh tomato, Dijon mustard & spiced tomato relish. Served with side salad


  • Extras

    — Bowl of beer battered steak fries with aioli $6.5, as a side with meal $3.5

    — Side salad of leafy greens with olive oil and house dressing $6.5

All day, every day.

  • Hot Drinks

    Coffee – We serve all of the usual favourites. Regular $3.8 Large $4.3. Jumbo $5. Extra Shot or Flavouring add .50c
    Alternative Milks add .50c Bonsoy, Almond, Coconut, Lactose Free

    Specialty Coffee Menu

    Barista Breakfast – single espresso + small milk based coffee of your choice. The perfect way to kick-start your day $6 (in–house cups only)
    Bulletproof – large long black blended with coconut oil and organic grass-fed butter $6
    Café Bonbon – double espresso with sweetened condensed milk – $4
    Ca Phe Sua Da (Vietnamese style coffee) – iced with sweetened condensed milk $4.5
    Cold Drip – brewed with ice water for 5 hours. Served black with ice and a side of milk if desired $4
    Affogato – double shot espresso over a scoop of vanilla icecream $5
    Mochatto – double shot espresso over a scoop of chocolate icecream $5 (yes we made up the name Mochatto)

    Hot Chocolates – Organic Hot Chocolate $4.5, White Hot Chocolate $4.5, Affogato $5

    Teas & Other

    Hot Chocolate $4.3
    Sweetened Chai Latte $4.3
    Loose Leaf Pot Chai Tea $4.3
    Tea – English Breakfast, Melbourne Breakfast, Earl Grey, Gunpowder Green, Lemongrass & Ginger, Peppermint, Rooibos, Relax Herbal Blend, Refresh Herbal Blend $4


  • Cold Drinks

    San Pellegrino Sparkling Water – 500ml $5, 1L $7 – Still Water Bottled 600ml $3
    Soft Drinks – Coke, Diet Coke $3.5
    Bundaberg Soft Drinks – Ginger Beer, Lemon-Lime & Bitters, Lemonade $4
    Fresh Juice To Order – Orange, Apple, Watermelon, Carrot, Celery, Beetroot, Spinach, Ginger, Mint $6
    House-made Lime & Mint Iced Tea $4.5
    House-made Pomegranate & Apple Iced Tea $4.5
    Milkshakes – Chocolate, Caramel, Strawberry, Vanilla or Chai $6
    Iced – Coffee, Mocha, Chocolate or Chai (served with ice-cream) $6

  • Smoothies

    All $8 – Your choice of milk (excluding DF, dairy free options)

    Super – Mixed berries, banana, spinach, lime & apple juice (DF)
    Green – Spinach, mint, banana, pineapple & apple juice (DF)
    Berry – Mixed berries, banana, yogurt, honey & milk
    Mango – Mango, banana, lime, yogurt, honey & milk
    Banana – Banana, cinnamon, vanilla ice cream & milk
    Tropical – Banana, mango, pineapple, lime, honey & coconut milk (DF)

  • Kids menu, under 12 years

    Kids plate

    Banana bread, fresh berries, granola, yogurt.


  • Kids toastie

    Ham & cheese.


  • Free-range fried or poached egg on toast

    Fried or poached egg on toast.


  • Toast with spread

    Jam, peanut butter or vegemite.


  • Kids waffle

    Maple syrup & vanilla ice-cream.


(V) Vegetarian (*V*) Can be vegetarian (GF) Gluten free *Gluten free toast available +$1*